Acacia creations


Acacia Creations efforts started in 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya and expanded into Zanzibar, Tanzania and the rural area of Yatta, Kenya in years following. The fair trade company was officially started with these locations in 2007. 

In headquarters on the Ondiek Estate in Nairobi, Kenya, approximately one hundred artisans gather to create stunningly colorful jewelry. Using a fascinating technique found across Africa, they repurpose old magazines to make beautiful hand rolled lacquer finished beads. Each member is extremely pleased with their work and the process has inspired many to develop their own unique designs ideas.

In Zanzibar, Tanzania, a small group of artisans on the island to turn trash into treasure. After collecting bottles from nearby resorts, they use a traditional carving technique (often used on ornate doors) to create a wooden lid to accompany the recycled bottle. They recognize the severe waste problem on their island and are doing their part to solve it. In additional to environmental conservation, they seek to empower their workers, many of whom are women, and create a safe and dignified environment.

In Yatta, the women gather in small groups to practice the traditional craft of basket weaving. This time-honored process is passed down through generations of women and remains largely unchanged today. The women use fibers of the sisal plant, an abundant local cactus, to meticulously spin then weave each strand. The income generated by these women and their skill helps the Yatta community flourish and grow.

Acacia Creations has a total of 109 artisans. Feel free to take a look at their eclectic collections below.