Africa imports


In 1997, Wayne Kiltz, the founder of African Imports, went to work in admissions hospitals in Mali, West Africa. He saw a lot of people in the hospitals and surrounding areas who lacked basic necessities, but had many traditional creative talents. The best way that Wayne thought of helping support the people he saw with his skillset was to provide a network from people in the United States to the African people he encountered so that the items sold could result in a sustainable, independent source of income to cover the people's basic necessities.

Africa Imports partners with the artisans themselves, giving them a cut from their products sold while also equipping sellers in the United States with information on how to best sell the products. Today, there is over 5 thousand artisans making handmade products for Africa Imports. 

Africa Imports has a large selection of African clothing, jewelry, oils, soaps, and personal care products.

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