Finding My Answer

While I was a sophomore in college, I started learning about human trafficking. I went to Thailand on a missions trip that summer. My group planned on visiting an organization called NightLight which works to help women escape the brothels and red light district. On our way, we got lost and ended up in the center of the red light district. It was daytime and people were starting to set up for the evening. It was not an easy walk down that road.

As we went, we looked around and what we saw broke our hearts. What were once windows, were now barred or blocked by bricks so that the individuals inside couldn't see out. We prayed as we walked the rest of the way. It was all we could do to keep from crying, although some of us still did.

We eventually got to NightLight, but I will never forget that walk. I have always wanted to do something... but never knew what I could do. The past few years have been hard, knowing that I wanted to help but not how. 

When Nicole approached me about working at Creative Women of the World, I knew I wanted it. I finally have an answer to all the years of wondering. And I'm looking forward to tomorrow and all the women that we get to help here at CWoW!