"WHY are sponsors going to support this?" Hope asked me, as I sat with a group of ladies at Creative Women of the World (CWoW) the other day, explaining that we're working with women in Kenya, and how we're going back again in the fall to work with them again. This is why


should support this, and come to our global celebration event, right?! As I'm trying to get people on board with what CWoW is doing for the world, as I'm trying to tell people why coming to our upcoming event is important, I missed the whole point of everything... where is the connection? People here don't really 


who Grace is, or what


happens in the lives of women when we give a part of our lives to help them develop theirs. So in an effort to connect my little piece of CWoW in Kenya with the rest of the world (or at least those of you who follow my blog), I've put together this short 6-minute video. You'll notice the Mwangatu Women are not included in the video, except for their hands. This is what they requested.

I'm heading back again in September, and some of the things that we'd like to accomplish on our next trip are:

  • Bookkeeping help & ledger training.
  • Quality & design improvement. (Still working with them on quality zippers & sewing.)
  • We'd like to bring them sewing machines & at some point in the future give them sewing classes & training so they don't have to outsource that part of their work. This will decrease overall production costs.
  • We'd like to research a place for them to set up an actual brick & mortar shop in the Nairobi area so they have a place they can go to work and call their own.
  • We're also in the process of researching other types of products they can make to sell both in Kenya and US. If CWoW is going to be able to market and sell their products, we have to give them an idea of what's marketable in the US.
  • Additionally, we spend time going to different businesses in Nairobi to see how we can collaborate with them in product development.
  • Always encouraging, loving, and building relationships with them!

These are just a few of the goals we have for going forward with the Mwangatu Women in Kenya, and Grace Mwangi is the leader in all of it. We could not do it without her help, and we love being able to continue working with her. We also could not do this without all the continued support from our sponsors and friends! You all are so integral to the change being made in the world.

So this is WHY we do what we do. For Grace. For the Mwangatu Women. For every woman around the world who is fighting so hard to just survive.

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