Why Do I Get Out of Bed for CWOW...

Why do I get out of bed energized each day? Because I have learned to be awake to life. I've found a way to connect around the world that eases suffering by creating a practical approach to sustainable living for women in extreme need.This is why I wake up in the morning. I know my words paint a happy-trees and fluffy-clouds vision of the world, but my life has been a radical example of how someone sparked by vision can help to change the lives of women everywhere. So what can I tell you about this radical shift in my life? Why do I help Creative Women of the World? For many years, I worked tireless for more money, more opportunity, to be the best, to be number one in the corporate world. I went from $8.00 per hour to making north of six figures. I set out to achieve and I did, but when I got there I felt empty. Things, and money were not important anymore. 

The sad part about my journey is that I told myself that if I had money, and awesome career achievement that somehow I would be happy. I always held on to the idea of more made me better. I remember snickering at the myriad of self-help gurus on PBS specials that fulfillment was more important than money. I would laugh and say, ‘Clearly they never lived in a trailer with the floor falling out in the middle of winter. I am sure that happiness is easier to feel from your beach house in Malibu.’ But I eventually discovered that it’s absolutely true! So I let go of all of it and trusted faith that the path would reveal itself to me. And it did. I met an amazing woman named Lorelei VerLee, and I helped her flush out a concept of self-sustaining business model for women around the world.

Why do I choose to help women in extreme need and or extreme poverty? These individuals understand the glorious abundance of enough. I have met several of these women in Haiti, and not one of them said they wanted to make millions and dominate the global market in embroidery. They consistently say the following: we want access to clean water, we want access to education, we want good food, we want a house with a roof and a floor and possibly even windows, we want to see a doctor when we are sick, and we want to work for it all. They all understand the concept of enough, while it took me 15 years to discover that same truth, that my obsession with excess was not going to make me happy. So, of course I will help them. I remember thinking to myself, if I can go from $8 per hour to six figures, I can certainly help these women achieve their dream of having simply enough of the things we take for granted. I can use my skills to encourage them and coach them in basic business. That is why I get up in the morning.