Time to revivify

Has it really been 6 months since I got back to the US? As I prepare to head back to Kenya in a few weeks, I'm covered in excitement, slight anxiety, and much love and support from family and friends who are always behind me and the women during this journey.

Jordan Crouch and I are leaving on September 5th from Fort Wayne to Chicago to Brussels to Kigali to Nairobi. I'm hoping to make it all in one piece, and with some of my wits still about me after such a long trip :-) The plan is to hit the ground running as far as working with the Mwangatu Women. In speaking with Grace over the past couple of weeks, it seems that the zeal they were first experiencing with the novelty of the new business has worn off, and it has slowed a bit. This is normal. It happens. But our ultimate goal is to help them maintain that zeal throughout the duration of their business. We don't want them to rely on us being present for their business to succeed. But we also don't want to be gone so long at this point that they just give up. So we're heading out to charge them up again, and help them find different opportunities that will give them a long-term boost. Stand by for more on this as we journey forward! 

Grace and the Mwangatu Women are anxiously awaiting our arrival and preparing for more workshops, more training, and more good times ahead. 

I'll see you all on the other side!