"Thank you Hope!"

You never know who you may randomly meet someday who will forever change your life.

I met her in a Japanese restaurant a few years back and she quickly became a close friend and consultant to Creative Women of the World.

Hope Sheehan has a lot of gifts and she generously shared them with our staff ever since she arrived as a volunteer and part time consultant at CWOW in November of 2011.

In those early days she and I strategized our plans as we laid the foundation for a strong organization that would benefit women around the world.

We both cared deeply for women who felt trapped by poverty or human trafficking and needed to know they had options that would lead to freedom.

The benefit of business training that CWOW offered could dramatically change their lives so our CWOW staff wanted to give them our best!

Hope was finishing her degree in business when she arrived and had found a lot of exciting new ideas she was eager to try at CWOW.  She enthusiastically led two team trips to Haiti.  On one she offered business process training and on the other she took a group of doulas and birthing assistants.  All of them had life impacting experiences there.  Back at the Fort Wayne office her training in 5S organization helped her show us how to make our systems more effective and streamlined.  Her training in mind mapping was a method that really 

resonated with the way my mind works.  I could see the big picture and see more clearly what the next action steps needed to be in any given area of our organization to move us closer to our goals.  

She had a way of seeing potential obstacles that could derail us if we didn't pay attention but fortunately we did and they didn't!

Over the last two and a half years we have laughed together, cried together, seen wildly successful dreams come true and learned hard lessons from things that didn’t work out as we wished.  But in all of it, Hope carried a deep passion for making a difference in the lives of those all around her.  Her greatest joy is in seeing someone succeed that she has mentored.  Now as Hope moves on to new areas of consulting and working I know she will continue to take joy in watching the success of CWOW continue to flourish.  I know her heart will smile with pride remembering the part she played in making it happen!

Thank you Hope!  You WILL be missed!