Latitude & Longing Update: Nicole is leaving for Uganda!

As I sit here in my favorite coffee shop for the last time on this trip to Nairobi, my heart is full with a mix of sadness and joy. I have my usual iced coffee and fruit and yogurt. Van Morrison is playing on the stereo, and the doors are open so I can feel the warm breeze. I love this place. As I sit here I could be anywhere in the world. But I am in Nairobi. It can be a tough place. But it can also be a place full of joy and laugher, even when there seems like nothing to have joy over. I think that is why I love it here...the joy transcends the "stuff" and "things" we get caught up in. It speaks to my heart and teaches me how to serve in a practical manner. I learn true survival here. I witness pain. And more times than not, I get to stand in joy and love and celebration. I've heard more joy and laughter from my friend who lost her husband to murder, and from my women who live in extreme poverty, and from my friend recently hijacked and lost all his money to theifs, and most of all to a bunch of childern, who have no one, but one kind woman, caring for them, who have been beaten, and mistreated, and much laughter....sometimes its hard to get my mind around. Nairobi, I leave yet another piece of my heart with you. I can't wait to see you again soon!!