Why is ethical fashion important?

Last week, we discovered what ethical fashion was, and this week is the why portion. So why is ethical fashion important and what makes it so different from normal clothing industries? Ethical fashion simply aims to address the problems of the fashion industry and how it currently operates, such as exploitive labor, environmental damage, and use of hazardous chemicals, waste, and animal cruelty.

 Ethical fashion companies practice sustainability of the earth while offering benefits, good pay, and safe facilities for the creation of their products. Most of the materials used to make the items are recycled and are in some way beneficial to the environment. The artisans stay away from chemicals and animal cruelty. In the modern fashion world, most products are made in bulk using machinery, hazardous substances, and dangerous facilities for their workers. In ethical fashion, everything is handmade with natural or recycled materials. 

When you buy any product from our store, you are making a direct impact on someone’s life. You are helping women and children get out of terrible situations like abuse, sex trafficking, and extreme poverty. Fair trade/ ethical fashion gives women in third world countries the chance to create what they love, while learning business techniques and allowing them to make a living doing what they love. 

Thanks to your purchases at our store, the women are now able to take care of themselves and their children. So thank you for making a difference!

Stay tuned for next week when we discover WHO provides the ethical fashion for our store.