Thirty pairs of wide feminine eyes watched and listened with hope and expectation at our first fledgling design and business trainings back in March, 2007, in Mizak, Haiti.  The women had proven their embroidery skills but they had a dream to grow a greeting card company that featured their beautiful handwork and would sell to customers across the United States.  Today, they not only have beautiful cards selling but have developed a line of many more handmade products that customers all over the US have enjoyed. 

Now they have asked Nicole Moore and me to get them ready for the next step with more targeted business training and for help on a super large order they are preparing. We will be leaving  August 16 to work with them.  But we can only do it when you support us through your boutique purchases and personal contributions.  Thank you for contributing online or at the shop.

I’m excited to return since I haven’t been there since the two trips I took after the major earthquake in 2010.  I can’t wait to see Francoise, Enithe, Nicole and Yolande and all the other artisans who have worked so hard on developing not only their businesses but also have supported tremendous transformation in their communities.  You are the reason their lives are changing!  Thank you!