Lily's Story

Submitted by Kara Hackett, Guest Blogger

One of our greatest pleasures at CWOW is watching the women we work with take charge of their goals and accomplish what they set out to do.

When Maria “Lily” Lourdes attended our business training workshop back in May 2016 in Honduras, she told us she was saving money for her wedding. She and her boyfriend, Junior, have a son together named Jeremy, and they were excited to be a family.

You might not know Lily by name, but you’ve probably seen her work in our shop. She’s one of our talented pop tab artists, who works with Moda Esperanza to create jewelry and accessories using recycled tin tabs.

When we buy products from companies like Moda Esperanza to sell in our shop, we pay the artisans for their work up front, so they can make progress faster. Then we take the risk of selling what we buy, and the profits we make are used to train more women and support their businesses, so the cycle continues.

This year, about one year after we met Lily, we received the good news that she met her goal and saved up enough money for a beautiful wedding. We’re so proud of her and honored to be part of her story.  She sent us these lovely pictures so that we could all share in her special day.

Lily's Story.jpg




Lily says her next goal is getting a university education.

Thank you to all of our generous donors and sponsors who are changing the lives of women around the world and right here in our community. Lily's story is one of many ways you are making dreams come true.