“Even though I work with artisans in third world countries where people by most standards are defined as poor, I have seen just as much poverty in the States as I have around the world. It's because I've learned that poverty is not defined by the amount of money in your pocket. You can be poor whether you live on a dollar a day or $100 a day or even $1000 a day. But you are rich when you recognize and use the assets you are already gifted with!” - Lorelei VerLee


Women make up about 52 percent of the Haitian population, with 42 percent under the age of 15.  The average life-span of a woman in Haiti is 54 years, and over 60 percent are illiterate.  Yet, 43 percent of households in Haiti are stalwartly women-headed. Source: Habitat for Humanity


  • Haiti had a devastating earthquake in 2010 that killed more than 200,000 people. Source: The Guardian
  • Japan had an 8.9 magnitude earthquake on March 2011. Read the full article.
  • AIDS- 91% of the world’s HIV positive children live in Africa.  More than one million adults and children die every year from HIV/AIDS in Africa alone.  Read the full article.


  • There is virtually no access to free public education available to most children around the world.  In Haiti. It costs about $250/year for a child to attend school. The majority of Haitian families live on less that $500/year and eat only one meal per day. This makes education a distant dream for most children.  Haitian Roots. Source: Greater Good Haiti
  • There is a public national school, primary and secondary Catholic schools, and many private primary schools spread throughout the 24 zones. However, most schools in Haiti charge tuition so educational opportunities are usually limited to one child in the family or many times sacrificing family food for education. Source: HatianArtisans.com
  • For the cost of one year of university for one student in the US, you can send 5 women to university in Kenya. Source: Aid for Africa
  • For a woman who wants to start or grow her own business, CWOW can provide business training for about $250.