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CWOW Maker Workshops

"Spring Forward" 
March 9, 2pm-4pm

To celebrate longer days and the coming Spring, create a beautiful piece from a vintage bedspring!  Choose from a Victorian flower cone, a bird's nest with natural materials, or a wire sculpture using recycled time pieces.  $40 Sign Up Today

"April Brings Flowers"
April 6, 2pm-4pm

Using newsprint, scrap paper, fabric, vellum, ink, paint, gesso and other mediums, we will guide you to make a beautiful floral explosion on a mixed media canvas. You might even want to use a Frida Kahlo motif!   $40 Sign Up Today

"Empower Each Other Book Project"
May 18, 2pm- 5pm

In this altered book project we will start with an exercise to guide you to choose a theme for your 'Life Altering' book. You will design your own cover and intro pages, then if you like you can hand off your book in a round robin activity.  The next person will create several pages following your theme and pass it on to the next. Celebrate the creative in everyone!  $40 Sign Up Today

DISCOUNT Save $20 if you sign up for all three workshops today! Only $100 if you sign up today.

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