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Unlocking Your Design CWOW - LOCAL Business Training

  • Creative Women of the World 125 West Wayne Street Fort Wayne, IN, 46802 United States (map)


Join us for a one-day workshop that will ignite your creative business.  

If you are a small business owner or dream of becoming one, this workshop will cover the important things you need to consider as you move into a profitable, sustainable and ethical business.  

Training Modules

  1. Identify your Assets - What do you already possess that meets a need?
  2. Meet your Market - What will you make or do and to whom will you sell?
  3. Maximize your Financials - How can you keep your business sustainable?
  4. Transform your Relationship - As a business woman, how will you bring transformation to your family, your co-workers and your community?
  5. Grow your Capacity - How will you meet the needs of a growing business?
  6. Secure your Future - How can a business plan help to maintain your successful business?


A CWOW trained business is considered successful WHEN it has:

  • An active business
  • Highly creative products
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Stable cash flow
  • Sustainable capacity
  • Continued ethical behavior 

Join the hundreds of women with whom we have worked in eleven countries. We have seen phenomenal changes in the women and their communities.  There are scores of children in Haiti who got to go to school because their moms could now pay the school fees and for school uniforms.  Women in Kenya with HIV could hold up their heads in pride in spite of the severe ostracism they used to experience when people learned of their status.  They knew they now had the power to make an income that could allow them to help their neighbor in need and suddenly their status was no longer a stigma.  And when a woman who has been trafficked is given an opportunity to create with her hands and doesn’t have to depend on someone else who has controlled her body, the light from her smiles literally sparkles! 


If you have any questions about this training, or need a scholarship .... click here or contact us.