The pop tab is a simple thing, one that many of us discard without a second thought, but in Honduras, through Moda Esperanza, the simple pop tab is changing lives. Honduran women working with them are now earning a fair wage, while still being able to care for their children, by turning recycled pop tabs into beautiful purses, belts, bracelets and other fashionable accessories.

Moda Esperanza began in 2009 by co-founders Felicita Guitierrez, a Honduran woman with massive amounts of creativity and drive and Lisa Weinberger, an American woman with years of corporate business and special education teaching experience who had a vision of empowering women domestically and abroad through the use of their creativity. Using yarn, easily collected pop tabs, and the support of charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and the Footprints Foundation based in Chicago, Moda Esperanza was born. In the last seven years they have trained 36 Honduran woman, many of whom are single mothers and orphans, to create beautiful products that allow them to support their families in a sustainable way. 

In 2016 Creative Women of the World, joined forces with Moda Esperanza, offering business training and market distribution to the woman involved with this project and other local business women. In April, 2016 CWOW founder Lorelei VerLee traveled with the organization's co-founder Lisa Weinberger to Honduras, where she trained Moda leaders and other community business women with their asset based business curriculum. After that empowering and inspiring experience, a new partnership was formed. CWOW is now the exclusive distributor of Moda Esperanza. The profits made from the sales of these products are 100% recycled into helping others soar with hope.