SANDY: Creativity is empowering to me because it's the only language that can transform my emotions and thoughts, provoking me to "take a closer look."

NICOLE: Creativity is empowering to me because it is being able take a unique perception and develop it so others can understand.

Originally from Chicago, Sandy has now lived in the Northwest Ohio area for more than 18 years. She has been part of the graphic design/printing industry for 25 years plus, but when she moved to Hicksville, Ohio, she had to reinvent myself, and find other artistic ways to express herself, and make a living! She has worked in many mediums over the years, but making jewelry has been the most gratifying of all. She loves that she can incorporate many different and unusual materials in her pieces, such as a mix of found and recycled items, hand-forged wire and metalwork, handmade lampwork glass and clay beads, high quality semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, and a little bit of nature, which allows her to present ever-evolving original pieces of "art to wear". Sandy strives to make people, women especially, feel truly excellent about themselves and their choices, and she believes that all the love, wonderment, and passion that she puts into making one of her jewelry designs, will be felt by the wearer. Sandy is currently the president of the Black Swamp Bead Club, a member of the Toledo Artist Challenge group, and the Toledo Rockhound Club.

Sandy's daughter Nicole has recently joined Elly Bead, and as a jewelry artist, Nicole deeply believes that her creations begin their own special life once in a client’s hands. Nicole is passionate about creating unique, funky pieces. While Nicole received professional training in various art areas including cosmetology, her scarf making is mostly self-taught. A fan of handcrafted jewelry herself, one of Nicole's goals is to provide the general public trendy and well-made handcrafted designer jewelry without the high price tag. Many designs are limited editions featuring rare colored materials collected by the designer herself from all over. Nicole's Designs are noted for their vibrant colors, often funky yet meticulous construction and the delicate balance between the style and materials used.

Since first introduced to the public in June of  2014, these girly, sweet, funky and easy to wear designs have been treasured by customers all over.


Creativity is empowering to me because it allows me to create something from nothing! 

Sarah Thompson grew up in North Webster, IN.  She has always loved art, but her passion for pottery started in 2007.  She really believes in the functionality of the form as well as its visual aesthetics.  The piece not only  has to feel good in your hands, but look good too!  She is not a production potter, but an artist.  She feels every piece she creates is a work of art (even a lowly spoon rest or coffee mug) and therefore, deserves the utmost care and attention to detail.  Sarah is mostly self taught, but has taken some continuing education classes and workshops.  She now lives in Fort Wayne, IN where she started her business in 2011.  Sarah quit her "day job" in April of 2012 to pursue her dream and grow her business. 


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CREATIVITY IS EMPOWERING TO ME BECAUSE i am able to being myself and i can say "this is the one i can do, but nobody else can do."

I grew up in Japan and moved to the US 2007. Since 2013, I live in Hawaii with my family. I draw portraits, pets, anything I'm interested in and make them into hand-carved stamps.  From my childhood I always loved drawing, carving, water coloring, and creating anything in art class. When I grew up, I enjoyed teaching art to elementary school kids, as well as my own time for art. Now, I’m in the US, I have a chance to focus on my creation, which is really lucky and happy. My art is a main part of my life. I always express myself through my drawings whenever I am happy or sad. I have always been looking for my own way to communicate with other people.


CREATIVITY IS EMPOWERING TO ME BECAUSE It keeps me child-like. It keeps me from thinking too much. And it keeps me from become stagnant in life. The act of creating is the medicine that I use to heal wounds in ways that I think very few avenues can. 

I am a simple creator who loves to use multiple mediums to express my inner self to those who wish to participate. The  perfect evening would be spent with good people, engaging conversation, a glass of wine in hand, and live music and laughter.