Panarama of our LOTUS Artisan Gallery at CWOW

Panarama of our LOTUS Artisan Gallery at CWOW


Sandy Hall

Creativity is empowering to me because it's the only language that can transform my emotions and thoughts, provoking me to "take a closer look."

Originally from Chicago, Sandy has now lived in the Northwest Ohio area for more than 18 years. She has been part of the graphic design/printing industry for 25 years plus, but when she moved to Hicksville, Ohio, she had to reinvent myself, and find other artistic ways to express herself, and make a living!  "My work is an extension of who I am, so I must stay true to my feelings and the direction I'm headed in.  I am influenced by art, nature, creativity, and uplifting others.  Different mediums and elements, allow me to express different ideas.  I love to use unusual combinations of metal, clay, driftwood, stones, shells, plastic and bone, but I am endlessly fascinated with found and unexpected objects, and uncovering their unlimited potential for beauty.  It is always so remarkable to me when my work speaks to someone else's soul; that is my greatest reward! "   Sandy is currently the president of the Black Swamp Bead Club, a member of the Toledo Artist Challenge group, and the Toledo Rockhound Club.

Since first introduced to the public in June of  2014, these girly, sweet, funky and easy to wear designs have been treasured by customers all over.


Jennifer Belt

"Like many, I am a self-taught artist that has ventured into most areas of artwork creation and media, learning and honing my craft through the exploration of materials and techniques.  Inspired by the textures of nature, I can get lost in the peeks and valleys of bark on a tree or the details of naturally occurring rust as it bubbles and splits - and my work reflects this preoccupation.  Textural composition is most important in my creative process.  My goal is to create a body of work that draws the viewer in, up close, tempting them to touch." 

stand tall & proud
go out on a limb
drink plenty of water
reach for the sky
remember your roots
enjoy the view



LOTUS janet lynch

Art is personal, a thing of beauty that enhances our lives with enjoyment and touches our spirits. As a mixed media artist, creating is a vehicle of self-expression, discovery, and soulful growth. What inspires me most about creating Heart Werk is combining mostly women oriented artwork with a textual component of an affirmation, an encouragement, or an inspirational quote. Most of the time, these are little “notes to self” that I imagine, by virtue of our sisterhood, that other women can connect with.

As a Kindergarten teacher by day and an aspiring artist by night, weekends, and whenever I can string a few hours of flow together, I am a bit of an artistic late bloomer. I want to encourage women of all ages to believe that it is never too late to discover and explore a new passion or talent in life. 

This is a new journey for me.    


LOTUS Bonnie Manning

Bonnie is a graduate of the University of Saint Francis where she studied art and early childhood education.  Bonnie is the owner of BT Manning Photography.  She finds artistic expression in photography, knitting, painting, and writing children's books.  She is a life-long Hoosier.  


lotus cammie johnson

The linden tree reminds me of new life and beauty out of the earth.  In the Spring of 1998, while living in Prague, Czech Republic, I visited the graveyard of the Terezin concentration camp while the lindens were in full bloom.  This was the first time I had encountered the heavenly smell that is the linden blossom.  That memory, thoughts, sights and smell combined, has stayed with me as a significant moment of realization that even in the midst of sorrow and wrongness there can be new life and beauty.  It is my hope that my stoneware can be a reminder of the simple beauty that still exists in the world.  


LOTUS julie butts

When her first son was born, Julie worked at a YMCA that had a daycare making it ideal for her.  But one day they were going to have to close for lack of funds.  She put her creative hat on and got permission to sell her handmade jewelry to raise money for the daycare.  With that success under her belt she started her own businesses and 23 years later, she encourages every woman to be brave, study, train, teach and lead with her gifts!     


LOTUS vanessa sheckler

With my "trees" I have something challenging, something that no matter your age, race, religion you could understand.  With my "Tree of Life" jewelry you find just that.  You find the beauty of life, battles fought, growth, and strength gained.  Obstacles you overcome make your roots stronger giving you more stability  Battles won make your branches grow, enhancing your beauty.  Life is a bumpy road at times but as long as you keep trying and never give up it will be as beautiful as the "Tree of Life".