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The alpaca is a gentle grazing animal related to the llama and found in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

Alpaca hair is of such an exquisite nature that in Incan times, only royalty was allowed to wear clothing made from the fiber. Alpaca is more than twice as warm as sheep's wool, three times stronger than sheep's wool, water resistant, and contains elevated color brightness due to its natural luster as well as semi-hollow fiber that gives it unusual thermal warmth.

Tey Art was founded in 2001 with a vision to create unique handcrafted clothing and accessories for women. The name 'Tey Art' denotes Textiles and Artistry. The key components of their vision is a commitment to natural, sustainable fibers such as alpaca, wool and cotton and to work only with factories and co-ops that subscribe to the principles of Fair Trade Labor. Tey Art has become a company recognized for its vibrant, textural collections of finely crafted women's sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, socks, handbags and belts. Tey Art works with the skilled artisans of Peru, many of whom are located high in the Andes mountains.